Thursday Evenings 2023/24

7:45pm – 9:15pm

On Zoom

Fortify courses are especially intended to encourage and equip the wonderful folks serving as volunteer leaders in the local church. They are designed to be short courses, highly interactive and rich with practical ideas and helpful ministry suggestions each week. The courses are open to everyone; come individually or with a group from church.

If you’re signing up as a group from the same church, why not plan to watch the sessions together and use the discussion times to practically apply the course content to your area of ministry. If you come as part of a group and watch on individual screens, we’ll make sure you’re in an exclusive breakout room for discussion.

Full-time children’s or youth workers who bring their teams get their place for free!

Youth Ministry


12 October 2023

Foundations: What is bible centred youth ministry?

19 October 2023

Family: How does youth ministry relate to the church family and the nuclear family?

9 November 2023

Teaching: Preparing to teach, illustrate and apply the Bible to young people.

16 November 2023

Discipleship: Understanding the spiritual development of young people.

23 November 2023

Leading: Successfully running a youth group evening.

30 November 2023

Evangelism: Reaching Gen Z for Jesus!

Children's Ministry


25 January 2024

Foundations: What is bible centred children’s ministry?

1 February 2024

Partnering: Getting parents involved in the discipleship of children.

8 February 2024

Development: Understanding the spiritual development of children.

29 February 2024

Teaching: Writing a talk and planning a session for children.

7 March 2024

Discipline: Caring for children well and understanding group dynamics.

14 March 2024

SEN: Helping children with special educational needs to flourish.

Teaching God’s Word to Children & Young People


25 January 2024

Foundations: Why teach God’s Word?

1 February 2024

Big Picture: The storyline of Scripture and Biblical genres

8 February 2024

Study: Understanding the meaning of a Bible passage.

29 February 2024

The Goal: Teaching to reach the heart

7 March 2024

Structure: Preparing a children’s or youth talk.

14 March 2024

Communication: Tips for communicating effectively in youth & children’s ministry.

Culture and Children’s & Youth Ministry


2 May 2024

Understanding Culture and Worldview for Children’s and Youth Ministry

9 May 2024

Understanding How Culture Shapes Children and Young People

16 May 2024

Examining Some of the Major Cultural Trends Impacting Our Children and Young People

23 May 2024

Developing a Methodology for Reading and Responding to Culture

Running a Toddler Group


2 May 2024

Purpose: Why run a parent & toddler group and how this shapes what you do

16 May 2024

Practicalities: Ideas for running a parent & toddler group