Engaging Generation Z and Alpha

Embark on a journey of understanding and engagement with Generation Z and Alpha for Christian discipleship through this course.

In Part 1, gain invaluable insights into the distinct characteristics, values, and trends shaping the worldviews of Gen Z (born 1997-2012) and Alpha (born from 2010 onwards). Explore the cultural, technological, and social influences shaping their upbringing in Part 2, setting the stage for effective evangelism and apologetics tailored to their unique needs and questions. Part 3 delves into the importance of authenticity and transparency in building trust, while offering practical strategies for fostering meaningful community and relationships among Gen Z, Alpha, and mentors. Join us in equipping yourself for impactful discipleship in today’s evolving landscape.

Introduction to Generational Differences

  • Overview of Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012) and Generation Alpha (born from 2010 onwards)
  • Understanding key characteristics, values, and trends shaping their worldview

Trends and Influences

  • Exploring current cultural, technological, and social trends affecting Gen Z and Alpha
  • Discussing the impact of social media, technology, and globalization on their upbringing and worldview

Evangelism and Apologetics for Generation Z and Alpha

  • Strategies for effective evangelism tailored to the unique characteristics of Gen Z and Alpha
  • Understanding their spiritual questions, doubts, and receptiveness to the Gospel
  • Addressing common questions, doubts, and objections they may have about Christianity

Authenticity in Discipleship

  • Importance of authenticity and transparency in building trust and credibility with Gen Z and Alpha
  • Practical ways to model authentic faith and discipleship

Building Community and Relationships

  • Creating spaces for meaningful community and relationships among Gen Z, Alpha, and mentors

Who's it for?

Parents, Children’s and Youth Ministry Leaders, Church Families


Each session is 90 minutes

Sessions can be conducted on one day in person or online line over a period of weeks or months.



(If the course is delivered in person there will also be a travel charge)

Engaging Generation Z and Alpha for Discipleship

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