Next-Generation Discipleship

Next-Generation Discipleship offers a comprehensive approach to fostering spiritual growth in children and young people, recognizing the collective responsibility of parents, church leaders and volunteers, and the broader church community.

In part one, the course emphasizes the vital role of parents and church leaders in nurturing faith and provides practical strategies for effective discipleship within families and congregations. Part two focuses on developing discipleship content, grounding it in biblical principles and tailoring it to different age groups’ unique needs and developmental stages. Lastly, part three highlights the urgency of next-generation discipleship amidst cultural challenges and emphasizes the long-term impact of investing in the spiritual formation of young individuals. Through discussions on building an intergenerational discipleship culture, participants are equipped with practical steps to foster a vibrant culture of discipleship within their families and church communities.

The Role of Parents in Discipleship

  • Exploring biblical principles on parental responsibility in nurturing children’s faith.
  • Discussing practical strategies for parents to engage in discipleship within the family   context.

The Role of Church Leaders and the Church Family

  • Examining the biblical mandate for church leaders and the broader church community in discipleship.
  • Identifying ways in which church leaders and members can support parents in their discipleship efforts.

Biblical Foundations for Children’s and Youth Discipleship at Home and in Church

  • Delving into key biblical principles relevant to children and young people’s spiritual formation.
  • Discussing age-appropriate ways to communicate biblical truths and values effectively.

Tailoring Content for Different Age Groups

  • Understanding the developmental stages of children and young people and their unique discipleship needs.
  • Exploring creative methods and resources for engaging different age groups in meaningful discipleship experiences.

Why Discipleship Matters

  • Examining the cultural challenges and societal influences impacting the spiritual development of children and young people.
  • Discussing the long-term impact of investing in next-generation discipleship on the future of the church and society.

Building an Intergenerational Discipleship Culture

  • Identifying practical steps to cultivate a culture of discipleship within families, church ministries, and the broader church community.

Who's it for?

Parents, Children’s and Youth Ministry Leaders, Church Families


Each session is 90 minutes

Sessions can be conducted on one day in person or online line over a period of weeks or months.



(If the course is delivered in person there will also be a travel charge)

Next-Generation Discipleship

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