is a charitable organisation devoted to promoting and supporting biblical children’s and youth ministry.

The organisation emerged from an annual residential conference of the same name, which has, for the past 15 years, sought to support and serve those committed to this kind of ministry in the UK and further afield. It has been a long held plan to establish an organisation that can facilitate more significant year-round support for those involved in children’s and youth ministry. The launch of GYD in September 2018 saw these plans come to fruition.

Growing Young Disciples has a threefold mandate;

to train, resource, and advise....


Growing Young Disciples exists to serve and support parents, volunteer leaders, churches, and full-time workers in the considerable work of raising the next generation to know Christ. Each year, we will host a residential conference, intensive ministry training weeks, short training courses, and training days designed to equip these various groups. Growing Young Disciples is also committed to providing bespoke training events for organisations and local churches, recognising that large scale events may not suit everyone’s training needs.

Growing Young Disciples is passionate about providing biblically rich and theologically excellent resources that promote biblical ministry practices. This will primarily occur through our blog and other online forums. Our long term aim is to develop an expansive resource library that will aid, support, and enrich the work amongst children and young people in the local church.



Growing Young Disciples is eager to provide thoughtful advice to churches, organisations, and individuals who want to think more about biblical children’s and youth ministry. This might include topics such as employing a new youth worker; developing a new children’s and youth ministry strategy; increasing the work amongst children and young people in a parachurch organisation. GYD also offers a consultancy service to local churches who want to assess their current ministry provision amongst children and young people.