Who's Who

Mel Lacy was invited to become the first Executive Director of Growing Young Disciples in late 2017. Having been involved with the Growing Young Disciples conference for many years, as well as being significantly committed to both doing and training others to do children’s and youth ministry, she was thrilled to accept the invitation.

Mel has been doing children’s and youth ministry in various ways, countries and contexts for over twenty years. She has had extensive experience in church based children’s and youth ministry and has, more recently, been the Director of the Children’s and Youth Ministry Course at Oak Hill College (a position she continues to hold).

Right from her early ministry days Mel has given much of her free time to serving in various children’s and youth ministry ventures. She was instrumental in establishing a movement in Ireland called Soul Truth, has served at the Keswick Convention in the youth ministry for many years and has also been involved with the youth ministry at Word Alive for over 15 years. Mel now oversees the work amongst children and young people at both the Keswick Convention and Word Alive.

Mel was the author of the New City Catechism Curriculum, published in 2018 by Crossway in partnership with The Gospel Coalition. She also has another couple of books in various stages of completion that will likely be published in 2019 and 2020.


Growing Young Disciples is led by a dedicated group of trustees who all give tirelessly of their time to the organisation. They are all actively involved in some sort of regular children’s and youth ministry as well as having the necessary expertise to provide suitable governance for a charity. The trustees are chaired by Tim Thornborough, who was the founder of the Growing Young Disciples conference (formerly known as the Bible Centred Youth Worker Conference), his passion for Christ-centred children’s and youth work has brought Growing Young Disciples into existence.