Raising Kids For Christ in a Confusing World is a comprehensive course designed to equip parents, volunteer leaders and church families with the tools and insights necessary to guide their children through the challenges of contemporary society.

Divided into three parts, the course first delves into understanding children’s identity amidst cultural pressures and offers strategies grounded in biblical principles. Part two focuses on understanding diverse worldviews and effectively engaging with others, while also empowering children to share their faith authentically. Lastly, part three explores reading culture through a biblical lens, addressing its impact on children and providing practical tools to navigate societal trends while reinforcing Christian values. This course will help people gain valuable insights and practical guidance to nurture children’s faith and identity in an increasingly complex world.

Understanding the Current Challenges to Identity

  • Discussion on cultural influences, peer pressure, and societal expectations
  • Addressing common challenges children face in understanding their identity

Biblical Identity

  • Biblical foundation: Scriptures on identity
  • Understanding God’s purpose and design for each child
  • Strategies for parents to reinforce biblical identity at home and in the church community

Understanding and engaging with others in a confusing culture

  • Overview of the prevailing worldviews impacting our young people
  • Thinking through the challenges of engaging with peers who hold differing worldviews
  • Biblical perspective on truth and engaging with cultural philosophies

Sharing the gospel with those who are different

  • Helping children to share their faith authentically

Reading Culture through a Biblical Lens

  • Biblical principles for engaging with culture and discerning its values
  • Discussion on media, entertainment, and societal trends from a biblical perspective
  • Practical tools for evaluating cultural messages and making informed choices

Cultural Impact on Children

  • Exploration of how culture shapes children’s worldview and values
  • Addressing cultural challenges such as materialism, consumerism, and secularism
  • Strategies for reading culture through a biblical lens

Who's it for?

Parents, Children’s and Youth Ministry Leaders, Church Families


Each session is 90 minutes

Sessions can be conducted on one day in person or online line over a period of weeks or months.



(If the course is delivered in person there will also be a travel charge)

Raising Kids for Christ in a Confusing World

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