Learning To Lead in Children’s and Youth Ministry

Mel Lacy


cost £500

This mentoring programme is for those serving in children’s, youth, or family ministry and are concerned to develop the character and competency to lead ministries and volunteer leaders wisely and well. Effective leadership is essential for the development and flourishing of ministries and the right care of God’s people.

The programme will involve 8 sessions based on the prescribed material in the context of a small group of up to six people. The homework will usually take about four hours per month of reading, watching or listening. Each member of this programme will also receive one 60-minute personal consultation with the programme leader to apply what they are learning into the context of their local church. We will also provide up to two course books and a journal for your notes to help you reflect on what you have learned and what actions you will take.

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13th September 2024
The Character of a Christian Leader
11th October 2024
Developing Christlike Leadership Skills
15th November 2024
Organization and Leadership
13th December 2024
Leading Volunteer Leaders
24th January 2025
Caring for Volunteer Leaders Well
14th February 2025
Communicating Vision and Strategy in Leadership
14th March 2025
Managing Change and Power Dynamics in Leadership
11th April 2025
Longevity in Leadership