Apologetics in Youth Ministry

Ben Putt


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This mentoring programme is for those serving in youth ministry with the aim of equipping workers to help the young people they serve to engage in the task of apologetics—‘being prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have’—in whatever circumstances they face. Together this group will try to understand the world whilst asking why people think the way they do, and how the Christian faith has the best answers to the biggest questions.

The programme will involve 8 sessions based on the prescribed material in the context of a small group of up to six people. The homework will usually take about four hours per month of reading, watching or listening. Each member of this programme will also receive one 60-minute personal consultation with the programme leader to apply what they are learning into the context of their local church. We will also provide up to two course books and a journal for your notes to help you reflect on what you have learned and what actions you will take.

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22nd September 2022
Isn’t Jesus all that really matters?

Given that we get such little time to spend with the young people in our care, shouldn’t we just focus on the Gospel and core biblical doctrines? This session will look at what apologetics tries to accomplish, and why apologetics is useful tool to add to the armoury of anyone involved in youth ministry.

20th October 2022
Why do people do that?

The culture around us behaves in a way that is very different to the Biblical ethic. This session will explore why this is the case, and introduce the concept of worldview and the impact it has on a person’s outlook on all of life. We’ll also consider how Christianity has shaped the way the West thinks and look at ways in which we can celebrate the culture around us.

17th November 2022
How can I tell a better story?

For many, considering the claims of Christianity is simply outside of their plausibility structure. Religion belongs to a bygone era, and at best, church is for weddings, funerals and Christmas. We’ll spend time looking at the Biblical worldview and more importantly think about how we can demonstrate that it is better than any other way of seeing the world.

19th January 2023
Why does it matter what I believe?

The concept of truth has been redefined in the 21st century – relativism allows us to believe anything we want and we have no right to tell people otherwise. This causes problems for telling the Gospel story, as the concept of Sin requires an absolute moral standard. We’ll spend time in this session thinking about how we can recover the idea of absolute truth and know how to defend it in order for the gospel (the better story) to make any sense in a relativistic world.

16th February 2023
Why do bad things happen to good people?

One of the biggest objections to the Christian faith is the presence of evil, hurt, and suffering in this world. Surely an all-powerful, all-loving God couldn’t allow these to exist? In this session we’ll wrestle with the problem of Evil, and attempt to propose a theodicy that makes sense of the problem as we relate it to the bigger story of the Gospel.

16th March 2023
Why does it matter who I sleep with?

Since the sexual revolution in the 1960s, western society has long since departed from the Biblical sexual ethic. We’ll think about how we can stand firm for biblical truth because it is more beautiful than what the world offers, and how we can engage lovingly with a world that thinks all Christians are intolerant bigots.

18th May 2023
Why can’t I just be who I want to be?

“You do you”: the steady stream of ‘just be yourself’ type mantras seeping into our society makes the idea of being conformed to the pattern of Christ a tough sell! We’ll look at some of the flaws of recent identity politics, and consider how evangelism can work in a world that says ‘I make no apologies, This Is Me’.

15th/22nd June 2023
Why do I need religion when science has all the answers?

The rule of methodological naturalism tells us that the only knowledge worth having comes from the answers offered by science. As our culture becomes increasing sensate in its pursuit of truth, we’ll assess the flaws of the philosophy behind contemporary scientific practice, and then make the case for science and Christianity walking side by side.

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