Handing Down the Faith

Fortify Days are for everyone involved in kid’s and youth ministry! The aim of the days is to encourage, resource and equip those who are passionate about raising the next generation to know Jesus and live for God’s glory. There will be several days every year across the U.K. and Ireland that you can plan to bring your teams to, we hope that they’ll be accessible for everyone and that includes making then very affordable and highly interactive.

Upcoming Days in 2024/25

12 Oct – Christ Church, Westbourne, Bournemouth

23 Nov – Highfields Church, Cardiff

01 Feb – Redeemer Church, Leeds

08 Mar – St Andrew’s Church, Leyland (with NW Gospel Partnership)

22 Mar – The Tron Church, Glasgow

05 Apr – London (Venue TBC)

More information and booking coming soon…