The Body

Helping children and young people understand their physicality as a gift

A day with Sam Allberry

author of
What God Has to Say About Our Bodies


24 March
Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge
25 March
T3 Conference Centre, Lisburn

We are thrilled that Sam is able to come and teach us on this very significant issue in our cultural moment. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from him and to sharpen our thinking in this area.

In his book on this subject, Sam writes, ‘In too many areas of our discipleship we have separated our Christianity from our bodies.’

This is an area we have neglected to reflect thoughtfully on and yet it is an area of increasing importance for many; both within and outside of our churches.

The day will be accessible for those in full-time or part-time children’s and youth ministry, for parents, for volunteers and also for ministers and pastors.

We would love to have you join us.

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