Set eternity
in their hearts.

Helping our children & young people to live well in light of eternity.

Graham Beynon
Ross Mungavin
  • Knowing the Big Picture | Graham Beynon 00:00
  • Seeing Everything under Jesus | Graham Beynon 00:00
  • Looking for the End | Graham Beynon 00:00

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How can we teach children and young people clearly about eschatology? What are some of the big issues that we need to be aware of when approaching this area of theology? Why is it important that we tackle this neglected doctrine? These are some of the questions that will be explored during this stream. If you are interested in thinking through how you might teach these complex doctrines to children and young people then this stream is for you.

Apocalyptic literature can feel intimidating to teach because it is oftentimes so different from other parts of the Bible that we feel more competent in teaching. How can we teach this genre well to children and young people? In particular, how can we teach these parts of Scripture in a way that warms the hearts of our children and young people? How can we teach in a way that gives them a bigger vision of God, a more robust picture of the Christian life and an imperishable hope for the future?

Our cultural moment is awash with apocalyptic themes and artefacts. Messages around the apocalypse are present in the books young people read, the films and TV shows they watch, the music they listen to and the social media they consume. Are there points of connection with the Christian story? What are they and how can we draw on these to engage children and young people with the gospel?

If you are in your first two years of children’s ministry this stream will be helpful for you. We will think about some of the basics involved in developing a team, considering curricula, our ministry methodology and much more. There will be opportunity to ask questions about some of the issues that you are finding particularly pressing.

Starting out in Youth Ministry in a post-pandemic world hasn’t been easy. There are lots of new challenges as well as many of the old existing challenges! How can we minister well to young people and their families? How can we develop a youth ministry that is biblically faithful, ecclesiologically robust, deep on discipleship while also evangelistically zealous. These are some of the things we will consider together at this stream. It will be particularly helpful for you if you are just starting out in youth ministry or if you are a youth ministry intern or apprentice.