Image    Bearers


Identity. Idolatry. Interpretation.

8–11 January 2024

Conference starts at 16:30 with registration from 14:30. Conference ends with lunch at 1pm.

We are excited to announce some of the details for our annual residential conference that takes place from 8-11 January 2024 at Yarnfield Park Conference Centre.

Our theme this year is Image Bearers: identity, idolatry and interpretation. Through a blend of Bible expositions from Genesis, engagement with cultural trends and a rich seminar programme, we are going to explore together what it means to be made in the Image of God and why that is such a significant truth for children and young people today.

Whether you are new to youth, children’s and family ministry, have been in the game for a long time or are somewhere in between, we would be delighted to welcome you along to the conference. We are looking forward to:

stimulating teaching input

encouraging fellowship with other gospel workers

opportunities to make new friendships and catch up with others

time to enjoy worshipping God with others

space to rest and recharge from the busyness of ministry life

Seminar programme

As always we have an extensive seminar programme that has been designed to complement the teaching in our main sessions and also to assist you in the day to day work of youth, children’s and family ministry. Seminar titles this year include:

Helping young people speak for Jesus in a world of identity politics

Transhumannism and the image of God

Image bearing and the additional needs child

Planning your ministry year

Caring well for children in ministry families

Crèche: babysitting service or significant spiritual opportunity?

The image of God and ChatGPT

The why and how of intergenerational ministry

Bible teaching master classes

If you are wanting to be equipped and encouraged for biblically faithful and culturally applicable ministry to children, young people and their families then we would love you to join us in January 2024. Please sign up via the link below: